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Man On Wire @ Park City Film Series

Tonight the Park City Film Series is showing the film Man On Wire at 7:00. Here is a short excerpt about the film from the film series’ website.

On August 7, 1974, a 24-year-old French high-wire artist named Philippe Petit committed one of the most astonishing performance stunts of the 20th century. He strung a thin cable in between the two towers of the World Trade Center and not only walked across, but did a nerve-wracking series of acrobatic movements 1,350 feet above the streets of New York. James Marsh’s thoroughly engrossing documentary revisits the event and its planning in great detail illuminating what has been called the artistic crime of the century.

For more info, and to view a trailer, visit the Park City Film Series.

October 17, 2008   No Comments

First Snow, Blitzen Trapper, & Some Other Good Stuff

There’s nothing like waking up to a fresh snow fall. This morning Park City got it’s first taste of winter with a couple inches of that fluffy white stuff. Time to get the rock ski’s out for some pre-season turns. Here’s to a good winter.
– – – – –
Blitzen Trapper is yet another great band out of Portland. I don’t know what it is, but Portland is pumping them out left and right. Just picked up the latest album, Furr, and am looking forward to giving it a good listen-to.
– – – – –
Speaking of Portland bands, Hillstomp and Power of County put on a helluva show last night over at Burt’s. Head on over to the Hillstomp Headquarters and pick up some merch… it’ll be money well spent.
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This weekend the Park City Film Series is playing Matchstick Productions latest ski flick, Claim, The Greatest Ski Movie… Ever. Ski movies + snow = serious jonesin’. The Park City Film Series site has their full schedule along with showtimes. Check out a trailer for the film here.

October 11, 2008   No Comments

Support Community Radio – KPCW 91.1 FM

Most of today’s radio sucks. The art of the radio DJ has long been overtaken by ipods, satellite radio, and podcasts just to name a few. However, community radio has remained a stronghold for the DJ in the classic sense. Such stations as Seattle’s KPWC, Chicago’s WXPN, and KRCW, to name a few, have been putting out great big-brother-free radio for years, and are still going strong.

Tonight I’ll begin my first “official” shift as part of KPCW Park City’s volunteer DJ staff. While it’s far from glamorous, not to mention that the pay sucks, at least I’ll be able to share my love for music with anybody who’s willing to listen. I’ll be on at 7p.m. Park City time, every other Wednesday starting tonight, so listen in.

October 2, 2008   No Comments

And We’re Back

So if we had any readers here at The Old Town Rag, they might have noticed we haven’t been keeping up with our posts. Fortunately, we don’t, so no one missed out on anything witty we might of had to say. In the meantime, The Rag did get a bit of a makeover, which I think everyone will find quite becoming, and as always stay tuned, there is more soon to come… we promise.

September 24, 2008   No Comments

Mustang Typography

This weekend an estimated 400 Mustangs lined up Park City’s Main Street for the Mustang Club of America Grand National car show. Here is a sampling of the classic steel-horse marvels that were on display. Detroit sure doesn’t make them like they used to, you could almost taste the cherry red on these beauts.

August 31, 2008   No Comments