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Holiday Extravaganza Post…

Since I haven’t posted in a while, (due to unpaid internet bills) and since I am feeling a little generous on this x-mas eve, here’s a motley of quality content to keep you tied over until the new year, or whenever I get around to posting again.
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Our friend Hackleys from across the pond have some great advice for heading into 2009. Definitely am going to find myself refering back to this list quite often.
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I’ve been using Field Notes for quite some time. I’m never caught without one, and love how they’re small and soft enough to keep in your back pocket, yet durable enough to withstand a beating. Douglas Wilson gives one to each of his students to fill with whatever they want. Here are the results.
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JamBase names My Morning Jacket band of the year in 2008.
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With a new year approaching, you’ll probably find yourself needing a new calender, or two. UpperCase has some excellent options for you.
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I love seeing the creative process in action. Illustrator John Burton documents his processes on his blog, The Unreachable Itch.
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Here’s some tilt-shift photography on Things I Like.
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And finally for today, photographer Todd Hido as some stunning work.

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Neko Case Announces Upcoming Release

Photo Credit Dennis Kleiman

Apologies to all three of the people who read this blog. I’ve been a bit under the weather the past few days, but hopefully the worst is over.
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Neko Case has announced a March 3rd release date for her upcoming release, Middle Cyclone. Cyclone, Case’s followup to the superb Fox Confessor, features appearances from fellow folksters M. Ward, Calexico, the Band’s Garth Hudson, and the Sadies. Get a load of the album art over at Stereogum.
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Ryan Bingham is playing at the Eccles Center tonight in Park City. While I am fan of Bingham, the $65 ticket price seems a bit absurd.

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She Keeps Bees.

KEXP’s podcast Music That Matters is an excellent source for discovering new music, especially when resident KEXP DJ Cheryl Waters takes over the controls. She Keeps Bees is a Brooklyn duo that popped up on Cheryl’s playlist, and I am definitely feeling it. With the soulful Jess Larrabee on vocals, their sound falls somewhere between the Black Keys and Cat Power, and is definitely worth checking out.

Don’t forget to tune your radio dials to 91.9 FM, or online at KPCW tonight at 7 o’clock mountain time for the best damn bi-weekly radio show going today. And finally today, The Old Town Rag is on Facebook.

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A.A. Bondy, Breaking News, & Other Goodies.

Last night I was treated to an intimate performance by A.A. Bondy. Bondy’s folk driven melodies are both dark and sparce, while pulling tightly at the heartstrings. His solo debut American Hearts is available now on Fat Possum records. Head over to Daytrotter to download some tracks from their recent session.
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A couple posts ago, I mentioned one of my old photo teachers, Jordan Tate. Back then one of Jordan’s projects was “Breaking News,” where he made up fake stories and put them on the front page of The New York Times, only to disperse them around the library and various coffee shops while he sat back and waited for the unsuspecting reader’s reaction. Could it be?
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So stoked for the Truckers show tonight at the Bird. I’m anticipating a packed house so if you don’t already have tix, get over to the box office ASAP! Tomorrow I’ll report back with full a review… until then here’s some stuff for you to look at. Check out this phenomenal billboard. Found via Douglas Wilson. Joshua Budich has some pretty impressive prints of various pop icons. Buy some stuff while your there, God knows printers need to make a livin’ too.

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Studies in Composition, Part 1.

Recently, I acquired a new Canon 30d DSLR camera. I have always been somewhat of a purists and dark room rat, so the decision to go digital was not an easy one. However, I am quickly starting to the benefits of shooting digital, as it definitely enables me to learn and experiment more with exposures and lighting without going through roles of film. With that being said, I am sure soon enough I’ll be lured back into the murky confines of the dark room. There’s nothing quite like perfecting a print by hand, and watching an image emerge at your fingertips. Plus, sometimes I just get a hankering for smelly chemicals. Above are some shots of Mel Dogg and I romping around Park City.
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Speaking of photography, Heidi Johansen has some wonderful images at her site. I first discovered Heidi’s work on the cover of Throw Me the Statue’s latest album, Moonbeams.
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While at Indiana University, Jordan Tate taught me most everything I know about picture takin’. Although his class made me give up photography for a bit, and at times he could be quite an asshole, I definitely finished the semester with a better appreciation and understanding for photography.

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