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The Power of Music


Part of my morning ritual is tuning in to Terri Gross on her morning radio show, Fresh Air. I’ve found that it’s an excellent antidote to my morning blues, and even gives me something to look forward to upon arriving at work. This past week one of her guest were fellow Indiana native, John Mellencamp. Now growing up in Southern Indiana you get more than your fill of, as we Hoosiers affectionately know him, “The Coug.” Jack & Diane, Pink Houses, etc… are all common anthems for wasting a July night parked by the lake, equipped with a freshly scored pack of Swishers. He is, after all, one of our only claims to fame up there with Bob Knight & Breaking Away.

Now I can’t say that I’m a John Cougar fan per say, but there was a time when his greatest hits disc saw a steady rotation in my Jeep’s changer. However, there was something about Terri’s interview and hearing him play some of the songs that I so closely associate with my high school glory days that, well… got me a little choked up. Maybe it was just a bit of home-sickness, or I could possibly be growing soft in my old age, but more and more I find myself revisiting my past through certain songs, no matter how lame they may be i.e. Kid Rock’s All Summer Long.

As a self-proclaimed music critic who has developed a healthy disdain for most popular music, this has come as a hard pill to swallow. But I am finding that there is room for all kinds of music, if only to take you back to that special time and place.
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Rory Block @ The Shop in Park City


We recently teamed up with Park City’s own Mountain Town Stages to design a poster for world-renowned blues guitarist’s, Rory Block upcoming performance at The Shop. Five-time winner of the prestigious W.C. Handy award, (The Blues Music Awards) Rory has committed her life to playing and and passing on traditional blues music to future generations. Don’t miss Rory’s intimate performance this Saturday at The Shop Yoga Studio, located next to the Park City Library on Woodside Avenue. Tickets are available now online at Mountain Town Stages as well as at Orion’s Music Shop in Park City.

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Spin Cycle : D’Angelo’s Voodoo


Spin Cycle is a little feature I am introducing where I revisit some favorite albums of mine that need some dusting off. This time around, we’re rediscovering D’Angelo’s Voodoo. I first fell in love with this album as a freshman in high school when it was first released, however I pulled it out of the collection the other day only to really discover the impact it has made on me, and my musical tendencies over the years.

As a pioneer of the “neo-soul” movement, D’Angelo brought classic soul sensibilities to the hip-hop era with his first release Brown Sugar. Five years later he followed Sugar, with the exquisitely refined Voodoo. Voodoo is a fusion of soul, jazz, hip-hop and funk and had a much looser, jam oriented atmosphere than Brown Sugar. A perfect example comes on the second track, Devil’s Pie, which features a killer bass line by Charlie Hunter, who also plays guitar on the album. While much of the album was produced by Questlove at Electric Lady Studios, Voodoo really needs to be heard through headphones to fully do it justice. Towards the end of the album appears the most successful track on the album, Untitled – How Does it Feel, which was released as a single.

While the highly successful Voodoo has only left us wishing for more from D’Angelo, who has remained fairly absent from the music scene since the subsequent tour, rumors of a third studio release have surfaced for early this year. Nevertheless, Voodoo is a finely-crafted sonic journey well equipped to stand the test of time.

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Old Town Radio

It’s that every other Wednesday, which means we have another special edition of Old Town Radio in store for your aural pleasure. Tonight, we have a plethora of quality hand picked tunes to help get you over the hump, featuring brand new music from the likes of: Neko Case, M. Ward, Phosphorescent, Dan Auerbach, JJ Cale, The Heartless Bastards, & Jessica Lea Mayfield. As always, we’ve got some old standards that we’ll be throwing into the mix as well. Tune in tonight at 7:00 MT in the Park City area at 91.9 FM, or listen worldwide online at kpcw.org.

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New Music Monday

2009 is turning out to be a stellar year for music. With new releases from standards like Dan Auerbach, Neko Case, M. Ward, Heartless Bastards, and Dead Confederate; as well as up-and-comers like Phosphorescent, Leopold & His Fiction, & Black Joe Lewis, there are plenty of good tunes out there to choose from.
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Perhaps the record I am most looking forward to dropping the needle on in 2009 is Neko Case’s upcoming Middle Cyclone. Starting today you can stream the entire album over on NPR. Middle Cyclone officially hits shelves March 3rd.
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Seeing as how The Black Keys are one of my favorite band’s going today, I was a bit skeptical when I heard Keys guitarist Dan Auerbach would be releasing a solo album. Luckily, Keep It Hid, which was released earlier this month, exceeds expectations, and stays true to the raw grittiness that is the Black Keys.
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Released last Tuesday, Americana-esque, singer-songwriter M. Ward’s, Hold Time is being regarded as his best yet. With appearances from Zoey Deschanel, Lucinda Williams, and Jason Lytle, Hold Time’s a keeper.
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Although Ohio rockers, The Heartless Bastards, have been doing their thing since 2005, they just recently showed up on my radar. Their third studio album, The Mountain, released on the highly esteemed Fat Possum label, takes the re-assembled Bastards to new heights.
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Georgia based lo-fi rocker Phosphorescent’s, To Willie, is reminiscent of Willie Nelson’s own To Lefty From Willie. Although I haven’t had a chance to sink my teeth into this one, I am looking forward to kicking back and giving it a good listen to.
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