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Posts from — August 2008

Mustang Typography

This weekend an estimated 400 Mustangs lined up Park City’s Main Street for the Mustang Club of America Grand National car show. Here is a sampling of the classic steel-horse marvels that were on display. Detroit sure doesn’t make them like they used to, you could almost taste the cherry red on these beauts.

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The Dutchess & The Duke

One of the latest band’s to emerge from Seattle’s fuzz-infused folk scene, The Dutchess & The Duke have come together again to form The Dutchess & The Duke. In fashion with the Avett Brothers, The Dutchess (Kimberly Morrison) & The Duke (Jesse Lortz) are the latest ex-punkers to harmonize, and are quickly making their way to the top after signing with the Sub-Pop’s very own Hardly Art label. The cheekily titled debut, She’s The Dutchess, He’s The Duke is now available at your local record store, or head on over to Hardly Art to download the single “Reservoir Park”.

Photo Courtesy of Hardly Art

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The Music Man & Acid Tongue

The Archive from Sean Dunne on Vimeo.

This video popped up on my radar while browsing over at the Draplin Design Co. and is a must see for any music lover. I believe the world would be a much better place if more people took a cue from Paul and simply followed their passions in life. Definitely a great source of inspiration for music and non-music lovers alike to see somebody who cares so much about their work.

The other day NPR’s All Song’s Considered previewed Jenny Lewis’ upcoming album, Acid Tongue. You can check out a video of Jenny performing the single along with the lovely Watson Twins over at The Stereogum Blog. That’s some groovy album art… I would suggest stocking up on the Vitamin C before listening.

Acid Tongue will be available at your local record store September 23.

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Back From Red Rocks. Plus Old Crow Tour Dates.

Ever since I was just a lad, I have fantasized about seeing a show at the Red Rocks. So when I caught word that My Morning Jacket would be playing there with the Black Keys, I immediately marked it on the calendar as a must-do for the summer. And after a summer’s worth of anticipation, the show exceeded all expectations.

The Old Crow Medicine Show just announced their fall tour dates and have a stop in Salt Lake. I’ve seen these guys a couple of times before and they always manage to put on a memorable performance. Tickets are on sale now at The Depot. Additionally, their upcoming album, Tennessee Pusher, will be in stores September 23. You can listen to the single, Caroline, on the band’s myspace page. Anyone else think that the cover art looks like a scene out of No Country For Old Men?

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Best Week Ever? Plus DBT Announces Fall Tour.

(Avett Bros) + (MMJ & The Black Keys @ Red Rocks) = Best Week Ever
After witnessing yet another knockout performance from the Avett Brothers this past weekend at Jackson Hole, they are making their way down to the holy lands to play for us tomorrow in the Great Salt Lake City. Tickets are on sale now at The Depot. This is the best 25 bucks you will spend all summer.

Drive-By-Truckers just announced their fall tour dates with The Hold Steady, and have a stop at my old stomping grounds in Bloomington. Just might have to schedule a trip home for that one.

Since I will be heading Eastward Thursday morn… we’ll be back in the full swing of things next week. So until then I leave you with this.

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