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Posts from — November 2008

Studies in Composition, Part 1.

Recently, I acquired a new Canon 30d DSLR camera. I have always been somewhat of a purists and dark room rat, so the decision to go digital was not an easy one. However, I am quickly starting to the benefits of shooting digital, as it definitely enables me to learn and experiment more with exposures and lighting without going through roles of film. With that being said, I am sure soon enough I’ll be lured back into the murky confines of the dark room. There’s nothing quite like perfecting a print by hand, and watching an image emerge at your fingertips. Plus, sometimes I just get a hankering for smelly chemicals. Above are some shots of Mel Dogg and I romping around Park City.
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Speaking of photography, Heidi Johansen has some wonderful images at her site. I first discovered Heidi’s work on the cover of Throw Me the Statue’s latest album, Moonbeams.
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While at Indiana University, Jordan Tate taught me most everything I know about picture takin’. Although his class made me give up photography for a bit, and at times he could be quite an asshole, I definitely finished the semester with a better appreciation and understanding for photography.

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History Made, Crooked Fingers, & It Dumps.

In post-election day spirit, here’s a clever editorial from Patrick Moberg.

Politics aside, the election of Barack Obama is proof that there is still hope. Only in the great US of A, could his story be possible, and the fact that it was only a short time ago that segregation still was tolerated makes it even more amazing. However, only half the battle is over, lets hope He can cash in on his message of change and make this America cool again.
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Crooked Fingers will be playing at the Urban Lounge in Salt Lake tomorrow evening (November 6th.) Their latest release, Forfeit / Fortune is available now, and features a duet with the enchanting Neko Case.
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Utah got it’s first official dump of the year. Six inches on the ground and no end in sight. Anybody up for some pre-season poaching? Here’s Mel Dogg enjoying some early morning freshies.

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