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April 3, 2009

The Power of Music


Part of my morning ritual is tuning in to Terri Gross on her morning radio show, Fresh Air. I’ve found that it’s an excellent antidote to my morning blues, and even gives me something to look forward to upon arriving at work. This past week one of her guest were fellow Indiana native, John Mellencamp. Now growing up in Southern Indiana you get more than your fill of, as we Hoosiers affectionately know him, “The Coug.” Jack & Diane, Pink Houses, etc… are all common anthems for wasting a July night parked by the lake, equipped with a freshly scored pack of Swishers. He is, after all, one of our only claims to fame up there with Bob Knight & Breaking Away.

Now I can’t say that I’m a John Cougar fan per say, but there was a time when his greatest hits disc saw a steady rotation in my Jeep’s changer. However, there was something about Terri’s interview and hearing him play some of the songs that I so closely associate with my high school glory days that, well… got me a little choked up. Maybe it was just a bit of home-sickness, or I could possibly be growing soft in my old age, but more and more I find myself revisiting my past through certain songs, no matter how lame they may be i.e. Kid Rock’s All Summer Long.

As a self-proclaimed music critic who has developed a healthy disdain for most popular music, this has come as a hard pill to swallow. But I am finding that there is room for all kinds of music, if only to take you back to that special time and place.
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